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All chocolate

Peanuts feuilletine chocolate

  • Peanut praline 2.5 kg
  • Milk chocolate 875 g
  • Feuilletine 1,750 kg

Roll out 1 kg per trat and sprinkle 300 g of roasted peanuts and smoothen with
a guitar sheet on top.

Chocolate ganache

  • Cream 1 000 g
  • Dark chocolate extra bitter 61% 540 g
  • Milk chocolate gianduja 810 g

Boil the cream and pour onto the chocolates, mix and pour 1 300 g of ganache per frame onto the Feuilletine crunch. Once the ganache has set, cut discs of 6 cm.

Jivara chantilly cream

  • Cream 1 kg
  • Milk chocolate Jivara 40% 500 g

Boil cream and pour onto the chocolate. Mix well and leave to cool in the fridge. The following day whip in the mixer.

Chocolate sorbet

  • Water 680 l
  • Caster sugar 160 g
  • Stabiliser 3 g
  • Cocoa powder 25 g
  • Dark chocolate Caraïbes 66% 140 g
  • Dark chocolate Manjari 64% 90 g

Heat the water to 50°C add the stabiliser with 10% of the sugar. Add the rest of the sugar with the egg yolks, add into the water mixture and cook to 82°C. Pour onto the chocolates and mix well. Leave to mature overnight in a sous vide bag. Churn and fill tubes 1,5 cm in diameter and then cut 16,5 cm in length.

Fine chocolate sheets

Onto a sheet of guitar paper pour 280 g of tempered dark chocolate extra bitter. Place another sheet of guitar paper and spread the chocolate to create a thin layer.
Cut 7 cm discs. Make the same chocolate sheet adding fleur de sel.


For the plating place a disc of Feuilletine/ganache in the centre of the plate. Place a thin plain chocolate disc and pipe the milk chocolate chantilly with a small St Honoré tip. Prepare the chocolate loop by sticking it to a chocolate disc with fleur
de sel. Place a ball of chocolate sorbet in the middle of the chantilly cream and place the chocolate disc with the loop stuck to it.

Recipe given by

Potel et Chabot

The idea?

To rework a mille-feuille without the puff pastry.

The shape?

A round circular shape to remind of the roundness of chocolate in the mouth.

The flavours?

Superposing fine chocolate sheets, one with fleur de sel,
a light Jivara milk chocolate chantilly cream with a chocolate
sorbet center.

The technical step?

To give movement with the milk chocolate loops just before the chocolate completely crystallises.


Make the Jivara Chantilly cream the day before whipping it up
to ensure the creaminess when tasting.

The chocolate

Extra bitter for its percentage of cocoa, Jivara for its light
fruitiness, Équatorial lactée because it is really easy to work

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