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Du 20 novembre au 20 décembre 2018



  • 6-8 Actualité des maisons, le phénomène des calendriers de l’Avent
  • 10 Quel automne !
  • 12-13 De tout, un peu
  • 14-15 Le Club des Sucrés à l’hôtel Mandarin Oriental Paris


  • 16-17 Association Sensibilité Gourmande : Les gourmandises du monde en trois buffets
  • 18-20 Julien Dugourd, entre tradition et modernité, des desserts très gourmands
  • 22-24 Simon Pacary : île Maurice, One and Only Le Saint Géran
  • 94-98 Entretien avec Yves Thuriès


  • 26 Concours : Challenge des Mains d’Or 2018
  • 27 Concours : Hauts-de-France - Lille
  • 27 Concours : Carrefour des métiers de bouche de Niort
  • 28-29 Agenda des concours


  • 47-69 Recettes de nos chefs
  • 70-71 Pas à pas pâtisserie
  • 72-73 Pas à pas confi serie
  • 74-80 Recettes de nos fournisseurs
  • 81 Pas à pas sans gluten : Bûche roulée oryola-citron


  • 32-37 Les bûches pâtissières et gâteaux de Noël des maisons 2018
  • 38 Le Noël des Sud’crés
  • 40-44 Les bûches de l’hôtellerierestauration 2018
  • 82-86 Bûches, l’actualité des fournisseurs
  • 88-92 Beurre, crème et matières grasses, l’actualité des fournisseurs 2018


  • 100-101 Technologie de la glace : Glaces chocolat et fruit
  • 102 En direct des fournisseurs
  • 103 Bibliothèque
  • 104 Sucre artistique : L’ange de Noël
  • 105-106 Petites annonces classées
  • 108 Dernière : Virgilia Lebigre, maison Pascal Caffet, lauréate du Trophée Gérard Barsé 2018

Recipe of the month

Recipe Index



  • Almond powder 300 g
  • Icing sugar 280 g
  • Starch 45 g
  • Egg whites 200 g
  • Egg yolks 25 g
  • Vanilla bean 1/2 piece
  • Egg whites 200 g
  • Honey 100 g
  • Beurre noisette (brown butter) 230 g

Mix almond powder, icing sugar and starch together. Add 200 g egg whites, yolks and vanilla bean. Whip 200 g egg whites and honey to create a meringue. Fold into previous mixture finishing with beurre noisette. Spread and bake at 165°C for 15 minutes.


  • Honey 100 g
  • Water 50 g
  • Pollen 20 g
  • Slivered almonds 500 g

Heat honey, water and pollen. Add almonds and roast at 170°C in an oven.

  • Silvered almonds 500 g
  • Almond praline 88 g
  • Almond puree (Agrimontana) 160 g
  • Milk chocolate Mahoé 43% (Weiss) 300 g
  • Roasted cornflakes 390 g
  • Salt "fleur de sel" 1 g
  • Cocoa butter 20 g

Mix praline, almond puree and melted chocolate and cocoa butter. Add dry elements and spread into 6 x 23 cm rectangles.


  • Caster sugar 180 g
  • Honey 150 g
  • Cream 216 g
  • Evaporated milk 108 g
  • Water 20 g
  • Butter 240 g
  • Cocoa butter 22 g
  • Salt "fl eur de sel" 2.4 g
  • Pollen 20 g

Cook a dry caramel with sugar and honey. Stop cooking with cream, condensed milk and water. Add butter, cocoa butter, pollen and salt. Blend and store at 4°C.


  • Caster sugar 253 g
  • Glucose 13 g
  • Cream 890 g
  • Saffron 2 g
  • Vanilla bean 1.5 g
  • Egg yolks 115 g
  • Caster sugar 35 g
  • Gelatin powder 8 g
  • Water 56 g
  • Milk chocolate Mahoé 43% (Weiss) 250 g
  • Butter 145 g

Cook a dry caramel with sugar and glucose. Stop cooking with cream infused with vanilla and saffron for 4 minutes. Add blanched egg yolks and cook to 83°C (crème anglaise). Add soaked gelatin and pour onto chocolate. Blend, add butter and continue to blend.


  • Milk 132 g
  • Egg yolks 37 g
  • Caster sugar 25 g
  • Gelatin powder 2.25 g
  • Water 15.75 g
  • Milk chocolate Mahoé 43% (Weiss) 100 g
  • Dark chocolate Guanaja 70% (Valrhona) 19 g
  • Cream 165 g

Heat milk, add blanched egg yolks. Cook to 83°C (crème anglaise). Add soaked gelatin and pour onto chocolates. Cool to 29°C before folding lightly whipped cream.


Cut sponges into 6 x 23 cm rectangles. Fill moulds with chocolate mousse and add a sponge covered with cream upside down. Add chocolate mousse and place crunch. Fill the second half with chocolate mousse and pipe honey caramel inside.


Glaze first half with milk chocolate glaze. Spray top half and add a light bronze lustre dust finish. Decorate with neutral glaze and milk chocolate feathers.

Recipe given by

M.O.F. Hôtel Brach, Paris.


A log linked to the world of the hotel Brach.


Hotel Brach, in true Parisian style, an urban plant aspect. It was from the fallen plant from the room of the hotel that inspired me to create the shape of the log. The warm milky and copper tones are associated with the hotels codes.


Inspired by the Mediterranean culinary universe which are implemented at the hotel. The use of pine nuts, almonds, pollen, honey and saffron make our taste buds travel.


The saffron infusion in order to have a prefect flavour balance.


Respect the resting times of the preparations to ensure a perfect flavour balance.

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