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Chocolard Pumpkin macaron

Hazelnut almond macaron

  • Roasted hazelnut powder (Grand Noyer) 170 g
  • Almond powder 470 g
  • Icing sugar 530 g
  • Egg whites 200 g
  • Water 130 g
  • Caster sugar 470 g
  • Egg whites 200 g

Mix the almond powder, hazelnut powder and the icing sugar
in a mixing bowl. Add the egg whites and create a batter. Boil water and sugar to 118°C and pour onto the pre-whipped egg whites without stopping the mixer. Cool the mixture to approximately 50°C. The egg whites must be firm enough to create a firm peak. Fold the meringue 3 times into the previous batter. Now you need to macaronner (a French word to describe when you fold the macaron batter, lightly knocking back the volume). This step in very important, the secret to creating perfect feet on your macarons after baking. To do this you will need to fold the mass slightly knocking back the volume with a rubber spatula. Continue until the batter is smooth, shiny and forms a ribbon. Pipe the batter with a #12 tip onto trays covered with baking paper and leave to crust for at least one hour. Preheat the fan forced oven with the vent opened at 150°C. Bake with double trays for 16 minutes depending on the oven.

Chocolard ganache

  • Cream 35% fat 550 g
  • Smoked pork belly from Giles Verot 200 g
  • Dark chocolate from Madagascar 62% (Valrhona) 500 g
  • Inverted sugar 50 g
  • Salted butter 175 g

Boil cream and pork belly, take off the heat and infuse for a minimum of 2 hours. Strain and weigh up 500 g of infused cream, emulsify the hot infusion onro melted chocolate, add inverted sugar, butter and mix well with the hand mixer. Wrap with cling film directly onto the surface of the ganache. Leave to pre-crystalise
at room temperature.

Runny pumpkin centre

  • Pumpkin cooked in water 400 g
  • Citric acid 2 g
  • Neutral glaze Absolu Cristal (Valrhona) 600 g

Emulsify all of the ingredients with a hand mixer and store
in a piping bag.

Finishing & decoration

Fill half of the shells with chocolard ganache with a #10 tip, piping
a ring which will be filled with the runny. Leave to set in the fridge
and leave to mature 2 days before tasting.

Recipe given by

Chef Patissier, La Closerie des Lilas, Paris

The idea?

I started to create macarons with a runny centre in 2010. Since then I love to change
the flavours.

The shape?

A classic macaron shape here, but with a runny centre. A surprise effect with a gourmet touch.

The flavours?

Autumn flavours. The pork belly from Gilles Verot brings out a smokey woody flavour.
And with the Madagascan chocolate brings
an interesting combination The pumpkin adds
a sweet touch which balances out the flavour profile of the macaron.

The technical step?

To respect the baking temperatures
of the macarons.


To be careful when folding the macaron (macaronnage in French), and also leaving
the shells to crust is an important step
for macarons

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