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For 15 individual tarts 8 cm diameter.


  • Semi-salted butter, softened 240 g
  • Icing sugar 160 g
  • Almond powder 55 g
  • Eggs 90 g
  • Vanilla, liquid 2 g
  • Flour T55 450 g

Mix butter with icing sugar and almond powder. Add eggs and vanilla. Finish by forming a dough with flour making sure not to over mix. Line the edges of an 8 cm tart ring and par bake at 150°C for 20 minutes.


  • Milk 125 g
  • Egg 50 g
  • Caster sugar 40 g
  • Custard powder (or corn starch) 22 g

Boil milk and pour onto egg mixed with sugar and custard powder. Boil again and set aside to cool.


  • Butter 95 g
  • Caster sugar 80 g
  • Almond powder 92 g
  • Eggs 65 g
  • Crème pâtissière (plain) 150 g
  • Corn starch 25 g
  • Lemon zests 2 g
  • Orange zests 2 g
  • Wild yuzu juice from Kochi 50 g
  • Candied lemon and orange, cubed as needed

Whip softened butter with sugar and almond powder. Gradually add sugar and crème pâtissière. Add corn starch, zests and juice. Pipe 25 g onto each tart shell and place candied cubes of lemon and orange that have been rinsed. Bake at 155°C for 15 to 20 minutes.


  • Mascarpone 125 g
  • Cream 35% fat 375 g
  • Caster sugar 60 g
  • Orange zests 1 g
  • Lime zests 1 g
  • Gelatin (200 Bloom) 4 g
  • Water 20 g

Blend mascarpone, cream, sugar and zests. Take 120 to 150 g liquid and heat in microwave to melt the gelatin mass. Pour back into previous mixture and emulsify with a hand blender.


  • Orange segments as needed
  • Pink grapefruit segments as needed
  • Neutral glaze as needed
  • Yuzu juice as needed

Whip chantilly and pipe dots onto a tart shell. Cut segments from oranges and pink grapefruit. Place citrus segments and spray with neutral glaze adding yuzu juice (5%). Decorate with orange and lime zests.

Recipe given by

Maison Roussel, La Baule, Pornichet, Guérande, Paris.


This idea came from a pastry class that I wanted to do around seasonal fruits. Naturally I went to citrus fruits. This is how we made the first tarts.


Giving an airy finish with the citrus segments and the chantilly cream which enables a certain indulgence with a clean finish. At a first glance, the client can see that it is a citrus tart.


Oranges and grapefruit with a cream with zests citrus. We bake the tart shell with frangipane and citrus that has been well rinsed before. As a general rule we bake our shells until they are nice and roasted to have a maximum of flavour.


Do not over whip the chantilly as it is already has gelatin and can dry very fast and is also less clean when piping.


Bake well the tart so that it can last 2 days, also so that it is as crisp and pairing well with the other textures in the tart.


This tart is profitable, as the segments can be made in advance the skins can also be retained to make marmalade.

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