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Recipe for 20 entremets, 16 cm diameter.

Hazelnut streusel

  • Butter 960 g
  • Raw sugar (cassonade) 480 g
  • Muscovado sugar 264 g
  • Roasted hazelnut powder 1,224 g
  • Salt "fleur de sel" 24 g
  • Flour 848 g

Mix all ingredients in mixer with a paddle attachment to form a dough. Press through a large sieve and blast freeze. Bake at 145°C for 16 minutes.

Reconstituted chocolate hazelnut shortbread

14 cm: 140 g insert.

  • Couverture Sur del Lago 72% (Domori) 612 g
  • Butter 144 g
  • Hazelnut paste (Chocolaterie de l’Opéra®) 571 g
  • Hazelnut praline 733 g
  • Baked hazelnut streusel 2,016 g
  • Roasted, peel and crushed hazelnuts 427 g

Mix melted butter with softened butter. Add hazelnut paste and praline. Add baked streusel and crushed hazelnuts. Spread 100 g into oval insert moulds. Blast freeze for assembly.

Hazelnut sponge

  • Egg whites 300 g
  • Egg yolks 360 g
  • Muscovado sugar 360 g
  • Honey 360 g
  • Brown butter (beurre noisette) 510 g
  • Hazelnut paste (Chocolaterie de l’Opéra®) 510 g
  • Icing sugar 390 g
  • Salt "fleur de sel" 8 g
  • Flour 510 g
  • Baking powder 24 g
  • Vanilla bean 12 pieces
  • Roasted hazelnut powder 1,200 g
  • Egg whites 1,200 g
  • Cream of tartar 12 g
  • Raw sugar (cassonade) 180 g

Whip egg whites with egg yolks, muscovado sugar and honey. Fold in sifted hazelnut powder, icing sugar, flour, baking powder and salt. Whip egg whites with brown sugar. Fold meringue into previous mixture and finish with beurre noisette and hazelnut paste. Spread onto a 60 x 40 cm tray lined with a Silpat®. Bake at 160°C for 8 minutes with an opened vent. Cool on wire racks out of the oven. Cut oval shaped inserts. Place in oval shaped rings for the inserts, blast freeze.

Vanilla moussse

14 cm: 100 g insert.

  • White chocolate 658 g
  • Cream 420 g
  • Vanilla bean 7 pieces
  • Gelatin mass 112 g
  • Cream 1,540 g
  • Egg yolks 385 g
  • Water 385 g
  • Glucose 52 g
  • Milk powder 143 g

Heat cream with cut and scraped vanilla bean. Cover and infuse. Boil and add gelatin mass, pour onto whipped white chocolate and emulsify with a hand blender. Heat egg yolks, water, glucose and milk powder without stopping until mixture reaches 75°C. Whip on mixer and at 30°C fold pate a bombe into lightly whipped cream, finishing with the ganache. Pour 100 g of mousse into oval rings into the frozen hazelnut sponge.

Chocolate mousse

14 cm: 188 g + 70 g per entremets

  • Couverture Manjari 64% (Valrhona) 3,702 g
  • Cream 5,830 g
  • Egg yolks 1,457 g
  • Water 1,457 g
  • Glucose 188 g
  • Milk powder 536 g

Melt couverture to 50°C. Heat egg yolks, water, glucose and milk powder without stopping until mixture reaches 75°C. Whip on mixer to cool. Fold ¼ cream into melted couverture to create a ganache, reheating if necessary. Fold pate a bombe and remaining whipped cream. Use immediately.

Dark chocolate glaze

  • Caster sugar 1,800 g
  • Water 1,750 g
  • Glucose 1,800 g
  • Sweetened condensed milk 1,200 g
  • Gelatin mass 720 g
  • Couverture Sur del Lago 72% (Domori) 1,800 g
  • Red colouring as needed

Boil sugar, water and glucose together (103°C). Pour onto condensed milk and gelatin mass. Pour onto couverture, emulsify with a hand blender and refrigerate. Use at 34°C.


Line rings with acetate and place onto a stainless steel tray lined with a guitar sheet. Pour chocolate mousse and place vanilla-hazelnut sponge insert. Pour remaining mousse and finish with a hazelnut streusel crunch.


Glaze entremets with dark glaze. Place streusel cubes, chocolate ribbons and gold leaf.

Recipe given by

Lilian Bonnefoi
Pâtisserie Lilian Bonnefoi, Nice

The idea?

A very consensual chocolate entremets, with Madagascan vanilla and a hazelnut crunch. Many customers like this simple combination, which is unanimous around the table.

The shape?

Nothing too complex, a round entremets, classical and sober.

The flavours?

A grand cru chocolate mousse, a white chocolate Madagascan vanilla mousse as an insert with Piedmont hazelnut sponge and streusel crunch.

The technical step?

Nothing extremely complicated, apart from the glazing. To have a perfect finish, make sure to emulsify well and respect the temperatures.


Respect all mixing temperatures with the mousses to have a perfect, light and creamy texture without being too fatty.

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