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Montblanc Tart

Chestnut Mousse

  • Chestnut cream imbert 110 g
  • Chestnut paste imbert 110 g
  • Chestnut puree imbert 160 g
  • Rum 30 g
  • Candied chestnut pieces 30 g
  • Gelatin 4 leaves
  • Cream 520 g

Mix chestnut cream, chestnut paste, chestnut puree and rum. Heat 120 g cream, add gelatin and mix together with previous mixture. Whip 400 g cream and fold into cooled previous mixture adding candied chestnuts at the end.

Orange Chocolate Crunch

  • Cocoa powder 50 g
  • Flour 160 g
  • Salt ‘Fleur de sel’ 5 g
  • Caster sugar 200 g
  • Butter 141 g
  • Hazelnut powder 191 g
  • Dark chocolate gianduja Valhrona 251 g
  • Orange zests 20g

Soften butter and add sugar, hazelnut powder, cocoa powder, flour and salt. Roll out and bake at 160°C for 30 minutes. Leave to cool and with the paddle in a mixer add the melted Gianduja.

Orange mousse with candied oranges from saint sylvestre

Orange Segments

Make orange segments. Sprinkle them lightly with muscovado sugar.

Orange Jelly Mousse

  • Gelatin 8 leaves
  • Caster sugar 130 g
  • Orange juice 200 g
  • Candied oranges 80 g

Soak gelatin. Heat a small part of orange juice with sugar and gelatin. Leave in fridge for 12 hours minimum. Whisk slowly to create a mousse texture. Add the candied orange pieces. Pour onto a tray with sides and freeze, cut small discs that will be inserted into the chestnut mousse.

Chestnut glaze

  • Chestnut cream 500 g
  • Condensed milk 80 g
  • Gelatin 6 leaves

Soak gelatin, heat a small amount of condensed milk, add gelatin and mix with chestnut cream.

Chocolate shells

  • Optucam chocolate 1 kg

Temper the chocolate, mold into sphere molds, set aside and spray with chocolate.

Chocolate spray

  • Cocoa butter 100 g
  • Dark chocolate 80 g
  • Cocoa paste 40 g

Melt to 50°C and mix everything. Use at 35/37°C.


Chesnut ball with cream in half spheres. In the middele add a orange mousse square, store in freezer and glaze. Make fin chocolate shells and place the bottom shell onto the crunch; place orange segments in the bottom. Place a chestnut ball in the middle and close with a shell on the top. For the decoration, a segment on the bottom and a crystalline on the shape of a tajine.

Recipe given by

Maison Guignard,

The idea?

The idea was to make a cake with a chocolate ball on top. So that I could play around with the restaurant/pastry shop style.

The shape?

I wanted to make a chocolate shell to change from the usual shapes. The chestnut ball brings out the gourmet side of things as well.

The flavours?

I wanted to pair orange with chestnut to bring out a fresh acidic note.


Careful to choose good quality oranges as well as the chestnut cream.

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