Recette du mois

Peanut & Aniseed Crunch

Cofee Cream

  • Trablit 25g
  • Milk 1 000g
  • Coffee beans 150g
  • Eggs 360g
  • Egg yolks 320g
  • Gelatin 24g
  • Butter 40° 920g
  • Ricard 80g
  • Sugar 600g

Peanut Tuile

70 mm Diametre

  • Fondant 600g
  • Glucose 400g
  • Isomalt 200g
  • Peanuts 200g

Cook glucose and isomalt to 170°C. Cool and mix. Make tuiles.

Snickers Caramel

  • Dry cooked sugar 420g
  • Honey 30g
  • Cream 690g
  • Milk 100g
  • Gelatin 12g
  • Salt 4g
  • Peanut paste 150g

Make a dry caramel with sugar and honey. Stop cooking with milk, cream and add gelatin, salt and peanut paste.

Peanut Ice Cream

  • Milk 1000g
  • Cream 1500g
  • Peanuts 1000g
  • Sugar 375g
  • Egg yolks 500g
  • Glucose powder 250g
  • Stabiliser 20g
  • Peanut paste 120g

Infuse peanuts in the milk overnight. Make a crème anglaise. Churn.

Peanut Feuillantines

Diametre 60mm

  • Milk chocolat 250g
  • Peanut paste 250g
  • Feuillantine 250g
  • Hazelnut praline 250g

Mix together.

Shortbread: diamètre 80 mm diametre and 30 mm for one side; 60 mm for the other.
Peanut ice cream: diametre 80 mm.
Lady finger sponge: diametre 60 mm soaked with espresso coffee.

Recipe given by

Hôtel George-V

The idea?

A gourmet dessert with peanuts and coffee.

The shape?

A Layer of ice cream with a soft caramel covered in peanut tuiles.

The flavours?

Peanut ice cream, coffee Ricard cream, soft peanut caramel.

The technical step?

Enrobing the peanut ice cream in the milk chocolate spray. The discs need to be really cold in order not to melt in the chocolate mixture and loose shape.


Infuse well the roasted peanuts for 24 hours before making ice cream.

Be attentive that the soft caramel isn’t too hot in order that it doesn’t go everywhere on the plate, neither too cold so that it doesn’t sit stuck in the middle of the dessert.

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