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Praline yuzu entremets

For 20 portions. 1 log mould, PCB by Yann Brys.


  • Roasted flour 200 g
  • Icing sugar 50 g
  • Fine salt 1 g
  • Butter 100 g
  • Egg yolks 25 g
  • Water 8 g

Rub the butter with dry ingredients. Add egg yolks with water and combine. Roll out to 3 mm thick between two sheets of baking paper, refrigerate. Bake at 160°C for 7 to 8 minutes. Cool and cut shapes before returning to the oven to complete baking.

Hazelnut dacquoise sponge

  • Egg whites 110 g
  • Caster sugar 40 g
  • Whole hazelnut powder 100 g
  • Icing sugar 100 g

Whisk egg whites, add sugar and whisk to stiff peaks. Fold in the equal quantities of hazelnut powder and sugar. Spread on a baking sheet to 1.5 cm and bake at 180°C. Cool and cut 4 cm disks.

Topical coulis

50 pieces.

  • Caster sugar 65 g
  • Pectin NH 4 g
  • Mango puree 200 g
  • Passion fruit puree 80 g
  • Glucose 40 g
  • Yuzu zest 1/4 piece
  • Yuzu essence 3 drops

Combine sugar and pectin. Pour onto the warm purées and bring to the boil with glucose. Cool. Blend with a hand blender before use and add the yuzu peel and extract. Pipe into a 3 cm by 5 cm high Flexipan® mould and freeze.

Caramelised hazelnuts

  • Caster sugar 60 g
  • Roasted hazelnuts 140 g

Cook a dry caramel, add the toasted hazelnuts. Mix to a powder.

Praline mousseline cream

  • Creme patissiere 450 g
  • Praline 200 g
  • Vanilla bean 1 piece
  • Bailey’s® 35 g
  • Butter 340 g
  • Whipped cream 80 g

Prepare a crème patissiere. Add the praline, vanilla and Bailey’s® to the hot pastry cream. Cool, whisk in the butter and delicately fold in the whipped cream.


  • Water 50 g
  • Glucose 100 g
  • Caster sugar 100 g
  • Couverture Zéphyr 34% (Cacao Barry) 80 g
  • Couverture lactée (Cacao Barry) 40 g
  • Gelatin leaves 2.5 pieces (5 g)
  • Sweetened condensed milk 110 g
  • Cocoa butter 30 g
  • Red food colouring as needed

Cook to 103°C water, glucose and sugar, pour onto chocolates, gelatin, condensed milk and cocoa butter; blend a hand blender with the food colouring. Set aside for 24 hours. Reheat in microwave when ready to glaze.


  • Cream 300 g
  • Icing sugar 30 g
  • Dessert jelly 20 g
  • Yellow food colouring as needed
  • Yuzu powder 1 pinch
  • Yuzu zest 1/2 piece
  • Sugar flours as needed

Whisk cream with sugar and dessert jelly to firm peaks. Add yellow food colouring and yuzu powder. Pipe rosettes and sprinkle with yuzu powder.


Line log mold with praline mousseline, pipe a thin layer of mousseline on bottom of mould. Insert frozen tropical coulis and cover with praline mousseline cream. Sprinkle with crushed caramelised hazelnuts and seal with a length of hazelnut dacquoise. Freeze. Unmould and glaze. Place onto shortbread and decorate with yuzu chantilly rosettes and fondant flowers.

Recipe given by

Jean-François Deguignet
Chef Pâtissier Directeur Technique Pâtisserie Le Cordon Bleu

The idea?

Yuzu associated with a very French recipe, the flavours of a Paris-Brest.

The shape?

An original mould created by Yann Brys M.O.F., easy to portion.

The flavours?

I love to pair yuzu with praline. A combination that I have worked before with the ‘Sucrés’.

The technical step?

Cut the shortbread half way through the baking with a cardboard stencil.


The glaze: an entremets needs to be frozen and the glaze warm and relatively liquid.

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