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Raspberry, beetroot and cranberry cake

Recipe for 4 cakes.

  • Egg yolks 55 g
  • Coconut sugar 68 g
  • Acacia honey 23 g
  • Grapeseed oil 115 g
  • Full cream milk 91 g
  • Beetroot juice 12 g
  • Salt, fine 2 g
  • Coconut sugar 34 g
  • Caster sugar 23 g
  • Egg whites 82 g
  • Stone ground flour 182 g
  • Baking powder 5 g
  • Fresh raspberries 23 g
  • Cranberries, dried 23 g

Emulsify yolks, 68 g coconut sugar and honey. Heat milk to 40°C and add with mixed beetroot juice, salt and oil. Whip egg white with sugar and 34 g coconut sugar. And fold into previous mixture. Fold in sifted flours, raspberries and cranberries. Fill 180 g into crown moulds (+10 g raspberries and cranberries) and bake at 170°C.


  • White chocolate 500 g
  • Grapeseed oil 100 g
  • Natural beetroot liposoluble red colouring 1 g

Refrigerate baked donut-cakes for 1 hour before dipping into glaze melted to 30°C. Sprinkle with dried raspberries and cranberries and mixed white chocolate.

Recipe given by

Luc Baudin,
Chef Pâtissier consultant


The flavour combination of raspberry and beetroot came to me a couple of years ago during a masterclass with Alain Chartier. We made an ice cream entremets with raspberry, beetroot and dark chocolate which I really liked! Even though I no longer work for Eugene, with Lea (my girlfriend) we wanted to keep light and healthy desserts. This is why we used coconut sugar and acacia honey for their interesting flavours and now glycaemic index.


The idea came from the fact that I love donuts. The shape is indulging and eye catching. Mutinerie, my pastry shop will open very soon, we will offer a small range of cakes, which is why we decided to create a range of large donuts shaped cakes.


Acacia honey (like invert sugar) enables to retain the humidity in the cake, the sweetness is more than sugar and therefore it is possible to add less.


The only technical step in this recipe is when whipping separately the egg yolks and whites in order to have a silky cake. It is equally important to butter well the moulds as they are sometimes difficult to unmould.


The glaze needs to be applied to a cold cake in order to quickly set. For dried raspberries, just place onto a silicon mat and dry out at 75°C for 3 hours in a fan forced oven, or overnight in a hot box.

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