In a robot coupe, soften marzipan with egg yolks. Leave to mix to warm the mass and transfer to a mixing bowl. Whip to a ribbon texture. Melt butter, banana puree and cocoa paste at 50°C. Fold into previous mixture. Whip egg whites with dry egg whites and salt. Gradually add sugar and fold into previous mixture. Finish with sifted cocoa powder. Spread into a 60 x 40 cm baking tray lined with a silicon mat and bake at 180°C for 18 minutes.


Heat milk, cream and invert sugar to 70°C. Infuse cut and scraped vanilla bean and zests for 15 minutes, covered. Strain and boil. Pour onto egg yolks and cook to 83°C (creme anglaise). Strain onto chocolates and emulsify with a hand blender. Pour 120 g per insert into silicon insert moulds and blast freeze.


Bake whole bananas at 150°C for 20 minutes. Make a puree and mix. Heat purees together. Mix sugars with pectin and agar and boil. Blend with a hand blender and add lime juice. Pour 80 g into silicon insert moulds, place chocolate cream and blast freeze.


Roast pecan nuts in oven at 140°C. Dry out for 48 hours in a hot box. Make a dry caramel with sugar and cut and scraped vanilla beans. Add pecans, stirring to completely enrobe the nuts in caramel. Pour onto a tray lined with a silicon mat. Cool and mix in a robot-coupe, taking care not to heat over 40°C. Strain to keep large pieces. Set aside.


In a mixer with a paddle, mix butter with sugars. Add remaining ingredients and mix to create a dough. Press through a large sieve to have an even crumble. Cool and spread onto a tray lined with a silpain. Bake at 145°C with an opened vent.


Mix pecan streuzel and pecan praline with tempered chocolate to enrobe. Add sifted fleur de sel and mixed chocolate. Add add pecan praline and stir. Spread into rings and bake at 145°C for 8 minutes.


Heat cream with glucose. Pour in three times onto chocolate to create an emulsion. Blend with a hand blender and pour into a 2 mm plexiglass frame onto the crunch. Blast freeze.


Boil milk and pour onto egg yolks, invert sugar and cream. Cook to 82°C (creme anglaise). Strain onto chopped chocolate and emulsify. Cool to 39°C before folding lightly whipped cream. Use immediately.


Boil water, sugar and glucose. Pour onto condensed milk, gelatin mass and chopped chocolate. Emulsify with a hand blender. Use at 34°C.


Pour chocolate mousse into silicon moulds. Place insert and press. Pour a small amount of mousse and finish with crunch and ganache. Blast freeze. Glaze with glaze heated to 34°C.

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