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Red Forest

Rolled chocolate sponge

  • Egg yolks 95 g
  • Eggs 235 g
  • Inverted sugar 15 g
  • Caster sugar 210 g
  • Egg whites 140 g
  • Caster sugar 50 g
  • Cocoa mass 30 g
  • Hot water 30 g
  • Cocoa powder 30 g
  • Flour 100 g

Whip egg yolks, eggs with inverted sugar and 210 g sugar. Make a French meringue with egg whites and 50 g sugar. Fold the meringue into the previous mixture, the sifted flour and cocoa powder and finish with cocoa mass and hot water. Bake in trays with sides at 220°C in a fan forced oven for 8 minutes.

Cherry compoté

  • Cherries 130 g
  • Caster sugar 55 g
  • Glucose 25 g
  • Caster sugar 25 g
  • Pectin X58 2 g
  • Lemon juice 10 g
  • Tonka bean 0,3 g
  • Amaretto 10 g

Cook the compote and pour onto trays.

Light vanilla cream

  • Cream 275 g
  • Egg yolks 65 g
  • Caster sugar 45 g
  • Gelatin 3,3 g
  • Mascarpone chantilly 110 g
  • Vanilla beans 3

Make a crème anglaise, add gelatin and fold in the whipped mascarpone chantilly.

Dark chocolate cream

  • Basic crème anglaise 285 g
  • Couverture extra amer 67% 105 g

Weigh up the crème anglaise and pour onto the chocolate and mix well.

Nyangbo chocolate crème anglaise mousse

  • Basic crème anglaise 160 g
  • Couverture Nyangbo 68% 195 g
  • Whipped cream 245 g
  • Amaretto 10 g

Pour the hot crème anglaise onto the chocoalte. Mix well and when the mixture is at 42°C (Max. 45°C), fold in the whipped cream and amaretto.

Cocoa nib crunch

  • Rapeseed oil 6,5 g
  • Couverture Coeur de guanaja 80% 17 g
  • Almond praline 60% 60 g
  • Feuilletine 20 g
  • Cocoa nibs 17 g

Melt the chocolate and add praline and oil. Weight up the Feuilletine with the cocoa nibs and add to the previous mixture.


Prepare in the following order : spread a crunch onto a 1st layer of sponge, pour the chocolate cream and place the thin band of cherry compote. Add a 2nd layer of sponge, a layer of light vanilla cream and another thin layer of cherry compote. Insert the previous layers into a mold lined with Nyangbo chocolate mousse. Smoothen with the chocolate mousse.


Glaze the log with a cherry red glaze. Place a small dark chocolate Christmas tree on the top.

Recipe given by

Paris-la-Baule, Relais Desserts Internationnal, Noirmoutier

The idea?

To rework the black forest, a famous traditional dessert with I really like.

The shape?

Very refined, which take the shape of your parisian chocolate ‘les Petites Buttes de Montmartre’ which looks like a mountain.

The flavours?

The acidic side of the sour cherry, boosted with amaretto, and with a touch of tonka bean, which brings a freshness to the log. The amaretto in the chocolate mousse brings an interesting flavour profile.

The technical step?

The mixing temperature of the mousse before folding the whipped cream should be 45°C.


To have perfect layers in order to have a nice cut and balanced flavours.

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