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Wild strawberries

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Strawberry juice reduction

  • Stemmed strawberries 500 g
  • Water 50 g
  • Caster sugar 50 g
  • Glucose 25 g

Make a strawberry juice on a bain marie with the strawberries, water and sugar. Strain and add the glucose and reduce in half.

Vanilla shortbread

  • Flour 165 g
  • Salt 2.5 g
  • Softed butter 125 g
  • Vanilla powder 2 g
  • Sifted Icing sugar 100 g

Mix the ingredients in the listed order. Roll out to 1 mm thick and bake at 165°C on a Silpain®. Cut 9 cm discs out of the oven.

Fromage blanc bavarian

  • Water 20 g
  • Caster sugar 35 g
  • Glucose 15 g
  • Tahitian vanilla 1/2 piece
  • Egg yolks 60 g
  • Gelatin mass 15 g
  • Fromage blanc 110 g
  • Whipped cream 110 g

Cook water, sugar and glucose to 120°C and make a pâte à bombe with the egg yolks and vanilla, whip to cool. Melt the gelatin mass and fold a little into the pâte à bombe and fold back onto the rest of the mass, fold in the fromage blanc and the lightly whipped cream. Pour into 8 cm discs, 1 cm high.

Wild strawberries confit

  • Wild strawberries 250 g
  • Lime zest 1 piece
  • Caster sugar 5 g
  • Pectin NH 3 g

Mix the sugar and the pectin. Add the wild strawberries and the zests, mix with a hand mixer and bring to a simmer. Cool.

Greek yoghurt sorbet

  • Water 250 g
  • Caster sugar 75 g
  • Sorbet stabiliser 0.4 g
  • Lemon zest 10 g
  • Greek yoghurt 250 g

Make a 30° baume with the sugar, water and stabiliser. Pour onto the yoghurt and lemon juice, mix with a hand mixer. Cool rapidly to 4°C and mature for 12 hours at 4°C. Mix with a hand mixer again before churning.

Vanilla meringue

  • Egg whites 50 g
  • Caster sugar 50 g
  • Sifted icing sugar 50 g
  • Fine vanilla powder 1 g
  • Shortbread pieces QS

Make a French meringue, whipping the egg whites and gradually adding the sugar. Once nice and firm fold in the icing sugar and spread thinly onto a Silpat®, sprinkle with shortbread pieces and bake at 80°C for 1 hour.

Red sugar stems

  • Water 50 g
  • Isomalt 50 g
  • Caster sugar 160 g
  • Glucose 50 g
  • Strawberry red colorant 1 g

In a very clean saucepan boil the water and isomalt, add the sugar and glucose and cook to 155°C. Add the red colorant and set aside to satinise. Pull very thin 12 cm long stems.


Pipe the fromage blanc mousse into the discs. Place the discs onto a baked shortbread, defrost and spread a thin layer of confit. Place wild strawberries and half strawberries on the top, store in the refrigerator.


On a white plate, decorate with the strawberry juice reduction
and place a couple of wild strawberries. Place the finished shortbread/mousse disc off centre from the sauce decoration. Place meringue pieces and a couple of dots of juice onto the strawberries. Scoop a quenelle of Greek yoghurt sorbet onto a large piece of meringue and a stem of red sugar.

Recipe given by

Chef Pâtissier, restaurant Taillevent, Paris

The idea?

To remind me of one of my favourite desserts, a bowl of strawberries with fromage blanc on the side!

The shape?

A fine tart, worked with care.

The flavours?

A sandy vanilla shortbread. A creamy fromage blanc and Tahitian vanilla cream with tasty wild strawberries on the top.

The technical step?

The decoration of the strawberry juice on the plate and take care with the temperature when folding the bavarian.


To select and calibrate the wild strawberries with love to create a perfect harmony with the decoration.

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